Here at Copper Canyon Lodge, we offer a one-of-a-kind experience for those who crave that beautiful, scenic and charming venue for their event. Surrounded by the canyon walls, a flowing creek and tall trees, you and your guests will get lost in the moment and enjoy a night you will never forget.

The first time you come to Copper Canyon
Lodge, you'll notice a few things. First, that
the lodge and property surrounding it create
the quintessential American vacation spot.
Second, the host who greets you has a
personality as lovely as her smile.

For those of you who have not stayed at the
lodge, we invite you to meet RuthAnn
Jensen. Not only is she a Rapid City native,
but she's got a love for the great outdoors,
her lodge and celebrations of all kinds.

One of the most obvious things you'll learn about RuthAnn is her love for animals. When the weather is nice, both she and her family make time to ride their horses, walk their dogs and enjoy their 20-acre property.

We always welcome visitors so contact us today to schedule a time to come and see this amazing venue for yourself.